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Talent Detectives

A game challenging your people-finding skills!

Welcome to Talent Detectives, an employee referral program exclusive to employees of the Provincial Health Services Authority! Hiring YOU was an elementary decision, but PHSA needs other talented employees like you, and your detective skills are our best chance of nabbing these unusual suspects.

You know who we're after. After all, the best know the best. These suspects are talented, innovative, and highly committed. But be careful out there; they're professionals who'll blend right into the PHSA culture.

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Start Here: Search for Clues


Search for Clues

You know who we're after. These suspects are talented, innovative, and highly committed, so use your amazing detective skills to track them down. Here are some clues to help get you started.

Who are the unusual suspects?

Friends, family and former co-workers make excellent referrals. So does anyone that you think exemplifies PHSA values and would be a good fit for our team!

Ask yourself what it takes for you to thrive in your career with PHSA. Who do you know that would succeed in our organization? Think about what makes your current team special and who you think would be a good addition.

Don't forget: PHSA is a diverse organization with the A to Z of career opportunities. The person you refer doesn't have to be a direct care provider to have a significant impact on the lives of our patients. We need talented individuals in all areas, from clinical to corporate, bedside to leadership!

How do you approach the unusual suspects?

  • Think about why you love what you do and be ready to share those reasons!
  • People are inspired to build their career with a certain organization for a number of different reasons. These are just a few of the things that make PHSA an employer of choice:
  1. We have established a reputation for innovation and compassion based on the unwavering belief that patients come first.
  2. PHSA has been recognized as one of: BC's Top Employers (four years in a row!); Canada's Greenest Employers; Canada's Top Employers for Young People; and Canada's Best Employers for New Canadians (second year in a row!).
  3. We provide unique careers where individuals can focus on their specific career path and work with some of the top experts in the world!
  4. PHSA offers attractive benefit packages to support our employees and their families, and promote a culture that includes continual learning and a work/life balance.

Want to share with your unusual suspects what it's really like to work at PHSA? Send them to our YouTube channel!

If you have any problems making a referral, you can always reach out to the Talent Detectives Coordinator through the Contact Us page. All questions are answered as quickly as possible, usually within one business day.

  • The referred candidate must not currently be an employee of PHSA, or have worked for the organization within the last year.

  • All PHSA employees, including casuals, are eligible for referral rewards. To be considered an employee of PHSA, you must be on PHSA payroll, or be a physician with one of agencies. Volunteers and students are not eligible to participate.
  • The referral must be made for an open position listed on the Talent Detectives Employee Referral Centre.
  • Those employees who are hiring managers or direct supervisors are eligible, unless the referral is in their department. Employees who participated in the hiring process are not eligible. Employees within PHSA's Talent Acquisition department are not eligible to participate.
  • Employees and their referred candidates must be employed by PHSA on the date of their reward payout.
  • There is no limit to the number of successful referrals; employees will receive a gift card for each successful hire.
  • General referrals will be kept on file for a period of three (3) months.
  • Gift card selection may change. The Talent Detectives coordinator will discuss the available gift cards at the time of the successful hire.
  • PHSA employees may not select prepaid Visa or MasterCard, or liquor store gift cards as their referral reward.
  • If the employee does not refer through the Talent Detectives website, they may still be eligible for a referral reward if: a) the program coordinator is able to confirm in writing with a recruiter or hiring leader that the referral did take place; or b) the new hire indicated in their online application that they heard about the opportunity through an employee referral and provides the employee name.
  • Referrals not made through the Talent Detectives website must be brought to the attention of the Talent Detectives coordinator within one (1) year.
  • Gift card selection must be made within one (1) year of initial contact from Talent Detectives coordinator, or the file will be considere closed.
  • Reward amounts are subject to change.
 Next Step: Search Open Cases

Search Open Cases

We're looking for the unusual suspects, other talented individuals like you who are passionate, innovative, and dedicated.Browse our current opportunities

Think you've got what it takes to crack the next case? Once you've tracked down your suspects:

  • Approach with caution . . . these are trained professionals.
  • Search through our open cases to refer these unusual suspects directly for career opportunities with PHSA.

Ready to get started? Search open job opportunities throughout PHSA now! You will be directed to the referral site, where you can search for open jobs and match your unusual suspects by location and occupation! Once you've made your referral, you'll receive a confirmation email so you can rest easy that we're on the trail!

If your keen powers of deduction lead to a successful hire, you'll be eligible to receive a reward for your sleuthing skills. All successful detectives will be contacted.

Remember, there is NO limit to the number of cases you can solve, and you will be eligible to receive a reward for each successful hire you refer!

Solved your case? Reap the Rewards


Reap the Rewards

Every detective wants to enjoy the spoils of a hard day's work, so let's talk about the rewards! If your keen powers of deduction lead to a successful hire, you'll be eligible to receive a gift card worth up to $150! The possibilities are endless. Choose from a huge number of gift cards to satisfy what you're looking for!

  • Dine out in style with a gift card from Cactus Club, Earl's, Milestone's, The Keg, or White Spot
  • Pamper yourself or your home with a gift card from Best Buy, Future Shop, Home Depot, iTunes, London Drugs, Starbucks, or Winners
  • Get active or kick up your feet with a gift card from Chapters, Cineplex, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Spa Utopia, or SportChek
  • Shop 'til you drop (even if it's just for groceries) with a gift card from Banana Republic, The Bay, Claire's, Gap, Old Navy, Reitman's, Safeway, Save-On, Sears, or Whole Foods

Remember, there is NO limit to the number of cases you can solve, and you will be eligible to receive a reward for each successful hire you refer! So dust off your spy glass and get started by searching our Open Cases.

Type of referral & reward amounts

Type of referral and reward amounts are as follows:

  • Regular Full-time: $150
  • Temporary Full-Time and Regular Part-Time: $100
  • Temporary Part-Time and Casual, including PHSA Temporary Staff: $50

Reward amounts are subject to change. Click here to see reward amounts for successful BCEHS referrals.

See some of our Solved Cases

Solved Cases

Case closed! It's true that the best know the best, and talent detectives throughout PHSA have already referred hundreds of dedicated friends and family members to rewarding careers with PHSA!

From medical secretaries to nurses, from program managers to pharmacists, from epidemiologists to financial planners, there are stories of successful hires all across the organization! Read some of these stories of "solved cases" to see how your referrals are making a difference in the lives of our patients!

Featured solved cases

File #032: The Case of Courtney's Crew
File #068: The Case of the Friendly Epidemiologist
File #045: The Case of the Multiplying Nurses

Other solved cases

  • 2017/06/07: Sanaa Majid referred a friend and received a $50 gift card to Save-On-Foods!
  • 2017/06/02: Kelly Tanasychuk referred a friend and received a $50 gift card to Cactus Club!
  • 2017/06/02: Holly Eely referred a friend and received a $50 gift card to The Keg!
  • 2017/05/26: Maddie Vaughan referred a friend and received a $100 gift card to Best Buy!
  • 2017/05/16: Matthew Pixton referred a friend and received a $100 gift card to Best Buy!
  • 2017/05/15: Marshall Hunt referred a friend and received a $50 gift card to Cabelas!
  • 2017/05/08: Kenneth Bolin referred a friend and received double rewards for a paramedic referral: a $150 gift card to The Bay!
  • 2017/05/08: Alana Marks referred a friend and received double rewards for a paramedic referrala $150 gift card to The Bay!
  • 2017/05/08: Kelly Wilson referred a friend and received double rewards for a paramedic referrala $150 gift card to Best Buy!
  • 2017/05/05: Cynthia Caouette referred a friend and received a $50 gift card to Apple!
Help us solve current featured cases
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